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Operation Christmas Child

Delivering great joy and the Good News of Jesus Christ to children in need around the world through gift-filled shoeboxes. Each box packed full of quality toys, school supplies, and personal care items becomes a tangible expression of God's immense love for the child. For many, it is their first gift ever! Delivered by our local church partners, shoebox gifts provide an opportunity to present the Gospel to boys and girls in a clear, child-friendly way.

Starting Oct 23rd to Nov 13th

We're collecting items for the shoe boxes. 

Packing your own box?

Drop off at Fordham Manor Church with a $10 donation for shipping.

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• Pencils

• Small manual pencil sharpener

• Colored pencils

• Pencil case

• Crayons, Markers or Pens

• Coloring pads or Coloring books

• Picture book

• Notebooks

• Glue stick (NO liquid glue.)

• Watercolor set, paint brushes, with canvas or paper

• Make-it-yourself craft items or kit

• Playdough

• Puzzles

• Binoculars

• Compass

• Chalkboard and chalk

• Tool set with work gloves

• Brightly colored rope or twine

• Gardening kit with gloves (no seeds)

• Kaleidoscope

• Playing cards

• Binoculars

• Building blocks

• Stickers

• Skipping rope/Jump rope


• Comb or Hairbrush

• Toothbrush

• Washcloth

• Adhesive bandages (Colorful ones can help a child be more willing to wear a bandage. Do not include liquid antibiotic ointment.)

• Reusable plastic containers: cup, water bottle, plate, bowl (Consider filling an empty container with non-liquid items such as hair bows, bracelets, sunglasses, or washcloths to maximize the space.)

• Non-liquid lip balm

• Blanket

• Flashlight (solar-powered or hand-crank; if battery operated, be sure to include extra batteries)

• Nail clipper and file

• Stick deodorant

• Washable/reusable cloth menstrual pads

•compact mirrors

•makeup (non-liquid)



• Shirts and pants

• Pillowcase dress (loose-fitting sundress)

• Underwear

• Shoes and socks

• Flip-flops

• Hat/scarf/mittens

• Sunglasses

• Hair bows

• Bead jewelry/bead kit

• Hair accessories (clips, ribbons, elastic hair bands, etc.)

• Friendship bracelets (woven with yarn or embroidery thread)

• Wrist watch

• Bandana

• Tote bag/purse


• Foam ball

• Kickball (Make sure to include a manual air pump.)

• Finger puppets

• Slinky

• Etch a Sketch®

• Interactive toys that include push buttons, lights, noise (include extra batteries)

• Tennis ball

• Play cars/trucks/boats

• Plastic tools

• Baseball and mitt

• Yo-yo

• Small Frisbee

• Small kite

• Hacky sack

• Toy cars

• Small Frisbee

• Kaleidoscope

• Marbles

• Stuffed animal

• Doll

• Plastic dinosaurs



• Pencils

• Small manual pencil sharpener

• Erasers

• Colored pencils

• Pencil case

• Pens

• Crayons

• Markers

• Notebooks

• Blank index cards

• Solar-powered calculator

• Safety (blunt tip) scissors

• Ruler

• Protractor

• Glue stick (NO liquid glue.)

• Small adhesive tape


• Vaseline®
• Scary items (things that will frighten a child rather than bring joy)
• War-related items (such as toy soldiers, military vehicles, or wearable camouflage)
• Liquid paint sets or liquid glue
• Rubber balls with liquid filling

• Sand/rocks/shells gathered from nature

• All types of food, candy, or gum
• Medications or vitamins
• Toothpaste
• Nail polish
• Money or play money

• Liquid lip gloss
• Matches or fire starters
• Seeds

• Baby powder
• Baking soda
• Razors
• Liquids or lotions
• Breakable items or glass containers
• Aerosol cans
• Used clothing or toys

• snow globes

• Damaged items

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