Couples Workshop - 3 Saturdays (Starting March 30th)

Join us for the Art of Marriage, Part 2

3 Saturdays Evenings

Sat, March 30th

Sat, April 6th

Sat, April 13th

Time: 6pm to 8pm

Cost: $25 if you have not purchased the book.

Childcare Available

 Your marriage and the marriages around you are colored by personalities, passions, and experiences. Making marriage work is a divinely inspired art form. The Art of Marriage curriculum is designed to equip couples with biblical principles for stronger, healthier marriages.

Covered in this Session:

Session 4: Love Interrupted (Communication)

  • Conflict is common to all marriages.
  • Healthy conflict resolution occurs when couples are willing to seek and grant forgiveness.

Session 5: Love Sizzles (Romance and Sex)

  • God created sex and has a wonderful design in mind.

Session 6: Love Always (Legacy)

  • To leave a godly legacy, we must think about the impact of our lives on future generations.
  • Leaving a godly legacy requires putting a stake in the ground.